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Cinemabox :- Who doesn’t love watching movies, sitcoms, cartoons ? Do you have a bad day and have sat down with a bucket of fries and want to just be lazy? Do you want any movie you like to be at this one place (which usually isn’t possible). Well, folks, there is nothing to worry at all because Cinemabox shall come to your rescue.The interface is smooth and everything is organised. From horror movies, thrillers to rom-com’s, you can easily search for your movie in any of the section of your choice.Now you no longer have to worry about the bad picture quality while watching a movie because at Cinemabox you can watch all your movies in HD.


Cinemabox can run smoothly on your gadgets be it OS application or Android. And the best thing is that it is absolutely free. You can now order a pizza, download the app, play any movie (latest or old) in HD along with subtitles if you want and chill.The app doesn’t acquire a lot of space in your phone so you no longer have to worry about the space in your device. Did you get an urgent email from work while watching a movie? Don’t you worry as you can always pause, play and rewind the movie and watch it at your convenience.

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Cinemabox App : Features

Well, thats some good news! Ain’t it?You can now revisit your childhood by watching your favourite cartoons that you would watch as a child. Worried about not understanding some dialogues? Was it too quick for you? Well, hold on! You have nothing to worry about the cinemabox app as you get to watch the movies with the subtitles.Worried about the latest movies that you missed and couldn’t watch?

  • There is nothing to fret about as this app will get updated with all the latest movies and sitcoms.
  • The cinemabox is absolutely hassle free and you don’t have to sign in or go through the long monotonous procedure.
  • The app is absolutely FREE! Yes, you read it right! Its free and doesn’t require you to pay a single penny.

Well wasn’t this the best excuse for you download the app and enjoy without a single penny.Above all, you can follow your favourite stars, favourite series and you shall definitely spend some quality time and escape from the everyday worries.

How to Download Cinemabox On Android

Well first of all, here’s the harsh truth; you cannot download this app from the Google play store directly so we would have to download this from some other external source.

  • Before installing the app we need to ensure that your phone allows downloads from unknown sources.
  • Go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources. By clicking on unknown sources you will ensure that installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed.
  • Open your search engine and type “apk for cinemabox app”. You will get many sources to download your app from. It is advisory to download the latest version of the app.
  • Click on the downloaded .apk file and a dialogue box shall appear. Click on “Install” and then click on “Next” to get started.
  • However, the process may take a while as the app gets installed on your smartphone.
  • Now you can open the app and start watching whatever you wish to.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bucket of your favourite ice cream, put on some comfortable clothes, get into your bed and watch the favourite movies you have been wanting to watch for a long long time.


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